FUTURED | March 2017 | Solo Exhibition | Near Future, Iowa City, IA

As a genre, science fiction has long offered visions of a world just beyond reach. Recurring plot points include poverty and hunger-free civilizations circling twinned distant stars, harmonious interactions between alien species, and universal translators that allow those without shared words to speak. Breaking the bounds of the known, science fiction has and continues innovation in culture and technology - think the internet, of self-driving cars, and of the magic of Google translate. Is there a way to harness this hopefulness in a more immediate context? What is a concrete, best-case-scenario for the near-future? In 20 years, what will our buildings look like? How will we travel? Will our fashions integrate newfangled technologies that help us become more than human? Through this residency, I collected answers to these questions. The studio became an interview space and data collection hub. For the first months of the residency, I solicited stories and hopes via in-person interviews and social media. Then, I identified commonalities between these hopes for a near-future and created a site-specific interactive installation of hand-dyed t-shirts that allowed visitors to literally try on the dreams of another.