#getsmART Digital Exhibition | Curator | Ongoing | University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art

Where does art live? Perhaps art lives in paint-splattered studios. Or maybe art is right at home in sleek galleries. Then again, maybe art is most alive in museums, where it can be cared for by loving experts and enjoyed by all who visit. A better question might be: Where do we live? In screens, according to a 2016 Nielson Company audience report. Now, the average American adult devotes roughly ten hours and thirty-nine minutes each day to scrolling through endless social media updates, clicking through email, and chuckling through sitcoms, often on the same handheld device. This online Art of the Day Calendar allows viewers to encounter art by making personal connections to the collections. Each date has been paired to an object that related to a corresponding historical event or tidbit of trivia, expanding the context of the featured artwork to make it more approachable. This project has prompted creative thinking about the continued relevance of our collections, and has also provided hands-on research opportunities for many undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Iowa. The series has garnered nearly 400,000 view since its inception. Visit https://stanleymuseum.uiowa.edu/exhibitions/art-of-the-day/.