Guts and Glory | April 2018 | Solo Exhibition | Yotopia, Iowa City, IA

A bacterial battle rampages continuously in our intestines. Day after endless day, microflora friends such as L. bulgaricus (Gary), S. thermophipus (Mo), and Bifidobacterium (Fifi) bravely resist the invasion of pathogens. By completely colonizing stomach space, utilizing all available nutrients, and secreting compounds deadly to would-be invaders, our mini-but-mighty warriors tirelessly defend our tummies. We can assist them by sending reinforcements - that is, eating foods rich in probiotics such as frozen yogurt. This installation serves as a real-time reenactment of the war that rages within and as a tribute to the over 205,000 Iowan cows who provide our probiotic-fueling dairy. Plan your attack! Try to take back the Yotopia window from the bad bacteria!