Mediated Moons | July 2018 | Solo Exhibition | Maquoketa Art Experience, Maquoketa, IA

Mediated Moons is a meditation on personal data and the feminine body. In an age of easily quantified selfhood, what data points matter? What (if any) combination of meticulously measured steps, heartbeats, breaths, posts, and tweets can accurately reflect a fully human experience? Are these discrete values digitally gathered more valuable than bodily observations? Can a mobile device tell us something more important than the moon? Long a symbol connected to the divinity of fertility, the moon is a menstrual sentinel, a marker of time for both the earth and for the individual human observer. For the month of May 2016, I recorded my dreams. I then mapped my dream-remembrances onto the corresponding moon phase and created a series of stencils. Finally, I produced tonal paintings meant to emulate the emotional context of each dream, and married these stenciled surfaces to mirrors.