Logo for "Vero Rose Smith" - the words "Vero Rose Smith are rendered in hot pink letters and the "o" of "Rose" is a stylized rose symbol

Artist. Educator. FUNdraiser. Sparkle Monster.

Hi! I’m Vero. I make complex ideas accessible through serious play. I put the “fun” in fundraising. I’m always looking for collaborations that celebrate and expand my background as a non-profit professional, artist, and educator.

Photograph of Vero Rose Smith, a person with short dark har and pale skin smiling and standing center frame. The background is made of golden sequins.

In the studio, I make climate change personal through data-driven installations and performances. In the gallery, I facilitate community-centered exhibitions and participatory art experiences. From 2016 to 2020, I served as a curator at the University of Iowa Stanley Museum of Art and designed innovative, collegiate-level curricula in the visual arts for both the University of Iowa and Kirkwood Community College. Simultaneously, I co-created collaborative arts experiences for learners of all ages and academic backgrounds. These experiences included a music festival in an operational parking ramp, museum pub trivia nights, hidden histories architectural tours, and pop-up pattern parties.

Since 2020, I have expanded my pedagogical purview to planning and implementing interdisciplinary, project-based approaches for teaching middle and high school. My collaborative classrooms simultaneously serve learners across age and skill level. This flexible approach challenges and inspires each learner through real-world projects and experiences.

In 2022, I founded a boutique consultancy to support creative professionals and arts organizations in balancing financial sustainability and the inherently nonlinear, messy process of making. My Master’s of Design Studies (Harvard Graduate School of Design), Master’s of Business Administration (Quantic Institute of Business and Technology), and Master’s of Art and Architectural History (University of Iowa) inform my approach to all I do, as does my childhood running the woods of rural Northern Illinois.


Making climate change personal through data-driven interactive installations and performance.


Empowering learners to explore and develop their interests with passion and rigor.


Moving resources and advocating for the collective social good, one grant and community partnership at a time.